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My mom went into labor with me while watching 'The Sound of Music' at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco and I've been kicking and screaming ever since.  My real growing up years were spent in New York City. Manhattan is my heart.


I attended The Neighborhood Playhouse and have spent my time since graduating working with some phenomenal people, be they famous or not.


I always get asked the question, "So, what kind of acting do you do, or do you like best?" I’m a theatre rat so give me a stage and being with an audience, breathing the same molecules and sharing in the story – it can be magical! I love to make people laugh but it's the kind of comedy that comes from real human pain and problems that I like to portray. And of course I'm devoted to musical theatre. Look at my entry into the world, "HELLO!"


My biggest showbiz joy to date is having my dream come true of not only being in a rep company, but it was on BROADWAY - one show being a Tony Award Nominee! This was with Tony Randall's National Actors Theatre and Tony continued to be my champion until his death in 2004. He was my mentor and friend and I miss him dearly.


My biggest accomplishment has been my show "diffiCult to leave" about my 23 years in the Cult of Scientology.  I wrote it with Jake Anthony and Joshua Finkel and it earned me a Broadway World Nomination in 2014 for Best Female Cabaret Artist.  Chita River won but I came in 2nd – not too shabby! The show can be seen in it’s entirety on Youtube and it’s my intention it continues to help bring awareness of how dangerous this Cult truly is.  I hope I can help others escape the mind control.


My 3rd favorite accomplishment and joy was starring in "I Never Saw Another Butterfly" with a new adaptation by Geri Teagarden at The Mazur Theatre in NYC. I played a teacher to 10 children in the Terezin Ghetto who inspired them to survive by painting and writing poems of their experience. If you don't know the story behind this play, believe me, it's well worth checking into. Sadly in 2004, just 10 days after Tony's passing, Geri Teagarden met a tragic, unexpected death. She gave me a gift that I will forever hold in my heart. What a lady and artist.


So, what do I love more than anything in the world?  O.K., aside from my immediate family, friends, teachers and self?  Oh, you know we actors are the ultimate narcissists! I LOVE MY DOGS!! Some say the way to a woman's heart is through diamonds and fur? Yep, fur, that's right. (forget the jewels) ... give me 1 minute with my poochies and I'm truly happy. Put those poochies and myself in some foreign land, then I'm doubly happy. Yeah, I love to travel, even if it's 20 minutes outside my door.


What's my ambition? To move you - be it to laughter or tears, through words or song. Man, I love this biz of show.


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