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Growing up in beautiful Bohemian 1970s Marin County, the daughter of a funny pawnbroker-jeweler with vision who knew the streets and a warm, independent Mom turned Naturalist-Animal Rights Activist, Roz is an award winning actress who spent 20 years in NYC where she worked on stages from the size of a postage stamp to Broadway. She left NYC and relocated to Los Angeles striving for work in TV and Film and, more importantly, to be closer to her Marin folks. Roz takes us on a quick re-cap of the next 20 years, drawing us into her journey of 2022 full of desperate twists where she didn’t feel there was much purpose left to her life, to the messages from The Other Side and an ultimate life affirming turn that will warm your heart. Who Saved Who is a book for the dog lover in all of us with the purpose of getting them out of Shelters and into your loving homes. It’s a book you will get a kick out of, possibly recognize parts of your own journey in loving dogs and in finding her own ultimate higher mission. It’s a an utterly enjoyable, captivating, and moving read.

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