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Separate Tables


LA Times: However, pride of place in this well-rendered evening goes to Hunt Stafford and Cohn — dazzling as a pitiable pair whose ascent to a kind of nobility is as unexpected as it is emotionally cathartic.


Grigware Reviews: Cohn as Sybil is absolutely astounding. With her long, pitiful glances straight forward, she makes us feel her utterly deep isolation.



Lost in Yonkers


Broadway World: Cohn as Bella is a marvel. Her monologues of desperation speak volumes about the lack of love in one's life. She makes Bella caring, but ditzy, off-the-wall, almost delusional. Nevertheless, she never strays far from the truth of her pathetic isolation.


Tolucan Times: Roslyn Cohn as the painfully lonely Bella, gives a HEARTWRENCHING performance.


Mr. Pim Passes By


Stage Raw: While the show starts off depicting the plight of the two young lovers, Dinah and Brian, it is the older pair who really brings heart to this show. As George and Olivia, Combs and Cohn capture the playfulness and maturity of an older married couple. A natural chemistry enables them to play off each other well and keeps their scenes lively and energetic.


Joe Straw: Roslyn Cohn plays Olivia Marden with so much heart it is heartbreaking when she doesn’t get what she wants. As Mrs. Telworthy, she had a checkered past but now she is committed and she wants to be with this man the rest of her life. The warmth presented in her smile goes beyond a simple gesture. It has life and substantial meaning. Cohn is an outstanding actor and presents a persona and a character one loves to see in intimate theatre.


Fifteen Men in a Smoke Filled Room


Stage Raw: As Florence, a historically active and forward-thinking First Lady, Cohn gives one of the production’s most enlivened performances. At first, she is so expertly bitchy, critical and sarcastic that she arouses delicious hostility. But she becomes much more sympathetic when it’s later revealed how well she understands her husband and how much she needs and loves him.


Joe Straw #9: The one exceptional bright spot in this production was the performance of Roslyn Cohn as Florence Kling Harding. Her level of concentration was superior, her backstory put life into the character, and the levels in her ambiguity in character kept one guessing throughout the night. In an especially dramatic moment, near the end, Harding exercised incredible strength not turning around knowing full well what was going on. Cohn put might and backbone into Harding. And, there was an insatiable craving of wanting more from this brilliant performance.


Carol's Culture Corner: A superb cast brings these historic characters to life. Roslyn Cohn is especially outstanding in her scene of angst that she shares with John Combs.


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